Caribbean Cruises: A Cruise to Paradise

Think of a cruise, tanning your body, palm trees, shades, and the first name that hits you is Caribbean Cruise. The climate is excellent, mostly temperate all year round. Yet major crowds go to the islands in summer. The Caribbean comprises of around 50 islands, without counting the Archipelago islands. If they are also included, there are almost 750 islands.

Caribbean cruise routes:

There are four cruise routes used by the cruise operators. They are:

o Western Caribbean Cruise Route

o Eastern Caribbean Cruise Route

o Southern Caribbean Cruise Route

o Long duration / Luxury Routes

The western route is taken by ships / liners departing from Texas, Louisiana and Florida. The route goes on from the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, the island of Cozumel, the Cayman Islands, Jamaica, and may include coasts of Honduras and Belize. In the eastern cruise route, the starting port is Florida, and visits destinations like Key West, Bahamas, Turks, Caicos Islands, Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. Starting at San Juan in Puerto Rico, the southern route goes along the Lesser Antilles and the Netherlands, Antilles, and as far west as Aruba.

Long duration or luxury cruises extend to almost all destinations, and may start from anywhere. Since there are so many destinations, it is not easy to choose and fit the best destinations in any itinerary. The choice then rests on how much time one has at hand, and costs. Usually if sailing is what one likes more, the western cruise is a better deal. For shopping, the eastern cruise is better.

Booking a cruise:

There are many online cruise companies offering their services. Essentially, you should look for the following before deciding on the company:

o Ease to approach – Cruise services offering user-friendly search tools and a simple booking process are better.

o Features – Look at the cruise company's website and decide if it offers a wide range of features, such as easy-to-access information on destinations, bookings, etc. Also look for news, articles, pictures, maps, price lists, and special offers.

o Easy bookings – Look for a straightforward, uninterrupted process. Get all the information about reservations also.

o Help / Support – Look for live chat, FAQ's, fax, email and 24-hour phone support.

Once you know which service is best, call them and get all the details. Then book the trip. Travel agents can book luxury cruises. Luxury cruises offer excellent on board services like classic cabins furnished in style and the best in food and wine.

There are many luxury liners which have Caribbean Cruises with almost 5,000 people traveling at a time. They have their own private resorts also, where their liners stop by and their guests can relax. Cruises are excellent options to have some fun. Many corporate companies also organize getaways for their employees. If one is on a shoestring budget, fall is the best time to go on a Caribbean Cruise. At that time, the rates are less than half of what they are in summer, and a bargain is available not only on the liner, but in shopping on the islands as well. Cruises are an excellent place to sit back and relax, and they are also a very romantic outing for lovers and newly wed couples.

How to Visit Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras is generally considered the largest free party in the US and beyond; and Carnival season legend travels far beyond his spiritual home in New Orleans. Most of us are aware of the concept of Mardi Gras and what it entails, or at least we have a vision of what is supposed to happen. Still, for many outside of cityer & # 39; Visiting and enjoying Mardi Gras can be a challenging experience. So you have to get some inside knowledge of the carnival season to really enjoy yourself. This article will give you some tips on how to enjoy this great occasion.

The first thing to realize about Mardi Gras is that it is a cultural event that the locals really embraced. Many cultural events around the country often exceed the level of participation and enthusiasm of local residents. This is not the case with Mardi Gras, as you will find when trying to see parades about Santa Maria & # 39; s Church Charles Avenue.

The avenue & # 39; Avenue is where most residents tend to congregate; and they do so in large quantities. So much so, that most visitors do two things: the stairs of personal view are placed so close to the curls that it is very difficult to see the parades through the crowds; and the local residents get very defensive of the territory that they have fallen on neutral ground (the strip of land where the cars go). The best way to avoid this is to see the parades on the south (shore) of St. Charles Avenue. The crowd can be a little thinner, the stairs shorter, and you get a better view of the parade fleets.

Get a better taste of the rocky atmosphere at night paraded near the start of the parade road: between Napoleon and Louisiana avenues. However, it will be business, and on Sundays the parades can be claustrophobic boundaries. For a more sedate carnival experience, you may want to go further down St. Charles Avenue toward Lee Circle, where the crowd is thinner but the atmosphere is a little less intense. It is less likely, however, that someone will take the party files from your hands here!

One issue that will inevitably come across is the lack of bathrooms on the parade route. This can be a big problem, since public conventions are generally not in evidence. Some vendors may stop paying as you go (literally!) Port-a-pods, but they may end up out of commission towards the end of the season. If this really is a problem for you, there are two options: either light on the beers, or sit next to one of the bars, like "Fat Harry". s at General Pershing, Superior Grill, or one of the bars nearby. Jackson Avenue. Be warned, though, that the lines and lines are long!

The St. Charle s Avenue is certainly more family friendly (relatively speaking). However, for those who want a more adult Mardi Gras experience, you must go downtown to take the strike (say Canal Street or St. Charles Avenue). As with uptown, you will be faced with similar problems at the beginning of the parade route. A lack of bathroom and a serious shower. In fact, the crowd is more of a problem on Canal Street, as there is a risk of getting "mad" behind the police cords. Plan your itinerary or find your access to other parts of the center severely limited; waiting for a loophole in the procedure that & # 39; t happens very often.

The party really comes to life in the French Quarter. However, most likely you will not know that none of the parades really have a road going here. The French Quarter itself will give you every carnival experience you've ever heard of: topless detectors, body paint, poorly dressed party dresses, fancy dresses, and all manner of behavior in question. It's definitely not for the kids; but if he does take your fancy, there is no reason not to wait until the afternoon. By this time, the best of the parades had passed. With Mardi Gras rolling around the rest of the city, the French quarter will only start to heat up. Note, however, that all bars and clubs will close at 12 pm; which is generally enforced by the police.

As for Mardi Gras nightlife, Tuesday is probably the best if you want to see the typical Mardi Gras views. If you just want some drinks and enjoy the atmosphere, though, then the Thursday and Friday evenings are probably the best. They offer the best balance between showing the carnival weather and avoiding the worst of the crowd. Saturday night is definitely a night to avoid Bourbon Street. The closing stages of the Endymion parade see floods of people pouring into Bourbon Street, and it's no exaggeration to say that it will be difficult to even cross the road with the solid mass of humanity that will squeeze in. the surrounding.

If Saturday night is your thing, then it would be best to go to French Road, where night life is a little more refined and less fascinating than Bourbon Street. This is where most locals spend the party, enjoying great acts of ragtime Jazz and New Orleans Blues – certainly none of the Dooby Brother & # 39; Tribal acts you will find on Bourbon Street.

The best stops to see aren't really on Tuesday itself. Although Zulu is a fantastic show, Rex is probably a little less extravagant than the Saturday and Sunday shows. Parade attention is probably a most popular sedate affair, especially if you look west from Jackson Avenue. In addition, it arrives at 2 pm after finishing the parades in a slightly anti-climatic chain of fireplaces and pearl casters.

The really great parades are Endymion and Bacchus. Endymion's role on a Saturday night from MidCity to the Superdome, missing Uptown all over. However, it is known as Krewe's high ambition, with full use of fiber optics and multi-vehicle cars. It's a & # 39; intense octane deal that will bring you back. In addition, Endymion will also attract some high profile celebrities such as The Grand Marshall. Berts role of Uptown on Sunday will be on the traditional route. The crowd will be loud for this parade; which also prides itself on multi-vehicle loads, fiber optics, and celebrity attendees.

Other non-miss stops are Tucks, Muses; Thoth, and d & # 39; State. Thoth plays the role on Saturday lunch and is a fun and eclectic mix of dancers and fancy dresses, with less focus on the big floats. Muses is a Krewe woman celebrating women, with signature riders such as Pussy-footers, satirical cars and Muses Shoe. It's Thursday night and with the skytracker at the front of the parade, it's really a highlight of Mardi Gras in full swing.

The best thing to remember about Mardi Gras is that everything you've got you have heard that it is true; from flashing pearls to open parties that start at night. However, it can be transformative from uninitiated. It is truly the largest free party in the United States, but it is best to be prepared before you go.

Abigail no ghosts here!

Many of Victoria's oldest restaurants and accommodations, and even the Royal Royal Golf Course have ghost stories associated with them. Guests of the Abigail Hotel often ask for a ghost story and the incredibly accommodating staff would like to tell them. Unfortunately, ghosts were not coming.

Abigail Hotel is located on the edge of Victoria city center, a stone's throw from Inner Harbor and is truly one of Victoria's best kept secrets. Well no more! I'll leave the cat out of the bag! I have lived here for more than 20 years and have led countless times, and every time I wonder how it looked. I have been in a number of luxury old hotels and they were all nice, but often disappointing. This is not the case with Abigail.

As we go past the hotel entrance, we immediately notice the well-preserved English gardens. Passing between Coach House and Inn, both buildings look very similar. At first glance, we couldn't figure out that it was built after 50 years. We stand in the place and are greeted immediately by Thomas, the super friendly receptionist. He guides us to our room and informs us fully about the hotel and services. The breakfast in bed looks attractive, but we choose breakfast with other guests.

Our room is spacious and decorated with all the amenities we could wish for. Are they welcome cookies, a comfortable sofa in front of the fireplace, a four-poster bed, or a marble bathroom with jacuzzi and rain shower? Our room is decorated with rich rustic furnishings, goose down duvets, pillows, silk bedspreads and luxury throw pillows. It is very luxurious and comfortable.

The library in the main building is a meeting place. Between 17:00 and 19:00, free refreshments and leisure are available. In a short time, we met friendly people from Louisiana, Nevada, Ontario and Alberta. Thomas at hand take good care of us.

For dinner, take a short stroll downtown, no more than 3 or 4 short blocks. We visit the very famous Noodle House to see what all the fuss is about. Well, not what we expected, but a unique experience and very tasty food! I didn't expect to spoil my wife with chopsticks and a cardboard box to eat out, but there's nothing very good for my queen!

In the morning, we sit down for a great breakfast. A large table can accommodate most guests. Upon arriving late, we sit at a table for four and we will soon be joined by two young men from Oregon. Abigail is designed and operated so that people can easily interact with each other, increasing the enjoyment of the visit. If you come for privacy, the spacious rooms can be your own hideaway and you can order breakfast in bed!

After breakfast, Marion Hansen (general manager) takes us on a tour of the hotel. Each room is unique, yet all have special touches that make Abigail unique. All the staff, from marketing and management, housekeeping and dining are very friendly and helpful. It's hard to imagine why anyone would stay anywhere else.

You know how much they care, especially when Marion tells us how to invite some neighbors for Christmas dinner. The owner's philosophy is certainly well-established in all staff and is evident in the attention to detail in both the design and style of the hotel as well as the service provided to guests.

When we verify this, we are provided with a small gift bag with two bottles of water, as well as an instruction booklet to other "selected accommodations". Working in tourism makes me really appreciate the companies that take it seriously. This work really got "Five Stars".

So, now is the time to play the tourist! Our choice for the day is to visit the Victoria Art Gallery. Just a few minutes from Abigail, Art Gallery is located within Spencer's historic mansion in the Rockland district. We go there because there is an exhibition of the art of Takao Tanabe, an artist born in Seal Cove, British Columbia. The artist has won many major awards and is internationally renowned. His art provides a unique view of the earth, sea and sky visible in his extensive and extensive natural paintings. The sheer size of his paintings offers a stunning view of Canada and especially the West Coast.

We continue to explore by heading to Sydney by the sea for lunch. Since we arrived at most local restaurants, we are looking for a new experience. A friend mentioned the Dakota restaurant at Victoria Aviation Club, so we check it out! From our table, we can see out on the runway, so throughout lunch a variety of taxis are nearby.
We heard that breakfasts were award-winning and found that they served breakfast on weekends all day. We choose and enjoy a very good lunch.

After lunch, we explore Sydney and do some shopping and tour.

On my way home, I think of our wonderful stay in Abigail. I think of ghost stories that I can make up for mind queries. The truth is they don't need a ghost. Abigail sells itself!

Reflections on Abigail: Peaceful, quiet, comfortable, luxurious but not optimistic, friendly, meeting place, charming, romantic, very special. The finest accommodation in Victoria!

The Best and the Best Piece That Can Afford with Auto Title Loans

So, did you get your money from a title lending company? What do you think will happen next? There will always be better things and worse and if you are not prepared, you can only get worse. Events that occur after a lender receives the loan amount are a matter of personal decision and initiative. Thus, it is wrong to assume that all securities lending companies exploit the sad situation of borrowers who have no other means to resolve their short-term financial crisis.

Alternatives to Auto Title Loans

There are two ways to look at this situation: the lender has exhausted all other alternatives or the lender is still exploiting such alternatives. It is always safer; however, to assume that the former situation has happened and to compound the problem, the lender may have a minor history when it comes to alternative means of lending money. Thus, the lender seeks the help of the loan companies of the title authors.

The Best Things to Happen

If the borrower is wise enough to handle the loan proceeds, he can get the following:

· Credit reduction and other financial obligations

· Increase credit rating as credit is reduced

· Will be able to borrow again if all interest is paid

· Less stress and emotional difficulties because cash problems are solved

· It can work effectively as the car is not sold unless the lender prints on payment

The worst things to do

This scenario can only occur if the borrower is unable to meet the obligation to pay the loan and interest. As a result, he suffers the following consequences:

· Lose your car and even some of the possibilities offered by having a vehicle such as travel convenience and speed

· It will affect their revenue generation activities as fewer customers call to rent in a day because the lender must take a public transportation system that can have an effect on the programs

· In less of the customers to visit, there is also reduction in terms of earning opportunities.

· From all of the above situations, it is highly possible that he will lose self-confidence and motivation to perform well at work and in addition to removing certain personal aspects of his life.

In many situations, there are providers who are able to avoid the worst situation by taking preventative measures such as: having a second or even third job to earn, changing lifestyles and habits to reduce ee consumption. personal expenses, using budgeting and prioritizing spending. habits, and of course remember to never fall into the credit trap. Becoming financially secure is a matter of personal decision. Title loan companies cannot help you solve financial problems. They can only provide temporary solutions.

Explore the mysteries of the universe with space ripples

Gravitational waves Ripples are in the fabric of space, and these ripples travel through the universe at the speed of light, with their secrets that have long been hidden from those who are trying to solve their innumerable secrets. These published ripples, which were often compared to ripples in the pond, were predicted by Albert Einstein first in his book General theory of relativity (1915), when his mathematics showed that massive accelerated objects – like Neutron stars And black holes- – In orbit around each other, space time would provoke so fiercely that the "waves" of deformed space would scream scream away from the source. In October 2017, scientists announced that they had made a historic revelation of gravitational waves, as well as light emitted, resulting from the dramatic and spectacular collision of two neutron stars. This is the first time such a cosmic event has been observed in both gravitational waves and light.

Detected using US Laser Interference Wave Observatory (LIGO) . Based in Europe Virgo Detector. Approximately 70 Earth and space observatories.

Neutron stars Stellar ghosts, left behind by massive stars as relic, have exploded on rioters in violent and catastrophic supernova explosions – thus heralding their demise as a burning of hydrogen The main sequence Stars on Hertzbrong Russell's diagram of the evolution of stars. Neutron stars are the densest and smallest stars known to exist in the universe. Because the two neutron stars that were observed rising from each other, they emit gravitational waves that can be detected for about 100 seconds. When collided, a wave of light in the form of high energy Gamma rays Space was shot, and astronomers observed it on Earth after about 2 seconds of gravitational waves. In the days and weeks that followed this devastating cosmic collision, and other forms of light – or Electromagnetic radiation – including X-rays, UV, optical, infrared and radio – were detected.

The new observations provided astronomers with an unprecedented gift – an opportunity to investigate the collision of the neutron-bound duo. In fact, the observations performed by the United States Gemini Observatory , Europeans Extra Large Telescope (VLT) , And Hubble Space Telescope (HST) , Signs of recently manufactured atomic materials – including heavy metals gold and platinum – appear. This revelation solved a decades-long mystery, in which about 50% of the heavier atomic elements are produced from iron.

The birth of the Big Bang, which is believed to have occurred 14 billion years ago, is the birth of only the lightest atomic elements – hydrogen, helium, beryllium and lithium. All atomic elements heavier than helium, called Metals By astronomers, produced in Fuse-nuclear The nuclei of the stars. This process, called Structure of the stellate cellular nucleus Tearing heavier and heavier atomic elements – such as carbon, oxygen, neon, potassium and calcium – into iron. The puzzle, which has aroused the interest of scientists for years, is where and how heavier atomic elements are produced from iron. One preferred explanation is that these heavier elements of all atomic elements are manufactured in the fiery explosion in the Supernova fire – and new discoveries certainly reinforce this theory.

The LIGO-Virgin The results are published in the October 16, 2017 issue of the magazine Physical Review Letters. Additional research papers from LIGO And Virgo Cooperation or astronomical community has been presented or accepted for publication in a number of different scientific journals.

“It is very exciting to witness a rare event that transforms our understanding of the works of the universe. This discovery recognizes the long-term goal many of us had – to observe rare cosmic events simultaneously using traditional events as well as only by National Science Foundation (NSF) An investment over four decades in gravitational wave observatories, as well as telescopes that monitor from radio to gamma wavelengths, can we expand our opportunities to discover new cosmic phenomena and compile a new novel of star physics in the throes of their deaths, ”Dr. France A. Cordova explained on October 16. 2017 NSF press release. Dr. Cordova is the director NSF No money LIGO.

Making waves

Although Einstein predicted the existence of gravitational waves in 1915, their true existence in nature was not verified until a century later. In the fall of 2015, highly sensitive detectors received gravitational waves formed during the turbulent fusion of two black holes. Gravitational waves are different from any other waves – although they are frequently compared to those in a pool. As gravitational waves propagate through the universe, they shrink and extend in a continuous sequence of SpaceTime. This is because gravitational waves distort the geometry of the texture of space itself. Although accelerated masses create gravitational waves, they can only be measured when the mass is too large.

Evidence that astronomers could find these waves returned in 1974, 20 years after Einstein's death. That year, two astronomers, Dr. Russell Alan Holls and Dr. Joseph Hutton Taylor Jr., used Arecibo Radio Observatory In Puerto Rico, a Duo Pulsar – Duo of extremely dense neutron stars, huge in size in the city, in orbit around each other. Pulsars Very young, fast, regularly spinning neutron stars. The Pulsar Duo It was named after two discoverers ( Hols Taylor Binary ), But also referred to as PSR B1913 + 16.

Knowing that Hols Taylor b Pulsar Inari The system could be used to test Einstein's predictions, and astronomers began to measure how the period of stars. Orbits evolved over time. After nearly a decade of watching the young duo Neutron stars , Astronomers found that the two Pulsars They were sitting towards each other – closer and closer than ever closer in a specially Expected rate at General relativity. this is Pulsar system Astronomers have observed carefully for nearly fifty years, and the changes in their orbit are fully in line with Einstein's predictions that there is no doubt that this dense duo emits gravitational waves.

Since then, many astrophysicists have noted timing Pulsar Radio emissions, and had similar results. This also indicates the existence of these wonderful mysterious ripples in the fabric of space-time.

Until recently, however, these assertions were always derived from indirect studies or mathematical calculations – not through the necessary direct "physical" observations. In the end, on September 14, 2015, LIGO gravitational wave overlap Immediately picked up spacetime distortions caused by gravitational wave propagation ripples. These space ripples were formed by the dance duo of distant black holes, away. Certainly, this discovery will be recorded in history as one of the greatest achievements in astronomy.

Nobel Prize in Physics 2017

LIGO It is a collaborative project involving more than a thousand scientists from more than twenty countries. Together, the researchers realized a vision of almost half a century old. In honor of their work, the 2017 Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to Dr. Rainer Weiss, Dr. Kip S. Thorne, and Dr. Barry C. Parish. In the mid-1970s, Dr. Weiss already analyzed potential sources of background noise that conflict with measurements, and also designed a gravitational wave detector, a laser-based interferometer, that would overcome this unwanted noise. Early on, Dr. Cape Thorne and Dr. Weiss became convinced that gravitational waves could be discovered and revolutionized our knowledge of the universe.

To date, various forms of electromagnetic radiation and molecules, such as cosmic rays or neutrinos, have been used to investigate the myriad secrets of the universe. However, gravitational waves are a direct testimony to turbulence in space time itself. This is something new and different, opening a new window on worlds that were not previously expected.

Gravitational waves, going from a duo that dances black holes, took 1.3 billion years to reach LIGO Detector In the United States the signal was very weak by the time it reached Earth, but it already fulfilled its promise to revolutionize astrophysics. Gravitational waves provide an entirely new way for astronomers to observe the most violent events in space, testing the limits of our scientific knowledge.

Gravitational waves can reach our planet from where they originated in the far corners of the universe. It is the result of a catastrophic event, and the first direct observation of its existence in space, opening a new window unprecedented in some of the preserved mysteries of the universe. This is because Spacetime ripples carry with them important information about their violent origins that cannot otherwise be obtained. The reason for this is that gravitational waves can access events that cannot be obtained from electromagnetic radiation. Astrophysicists can now observe the universe using gravity as an important new tool – as well as light. For example, black holes cannot be observed using conventional methods, such as radio and optical telescopes.

The use of gravitational wave astronomy is particularly useful for scientific cosmologists, as they can use it to observe the secrets of the deepest, deepest and darkest universe. This is not possible using conventional methods because the primitive universe was opaque to electromagnetic radiation. Also, scientists can use accurate measurements of gravitational waves to test Einstein General relativity theory. Using gravitational waves, astrophysicists can get an unprecedented peek at what really triggered the birth of the universe about 14 billion years ago.

Fortunately for life on our planet, while the violent origins of gravitational waves can be extremely devastating, by the time they got to us, they became millions of times weaker – and less destructive. In fact, by the time gravitational waves, spread out from the dance duo of black holes – first noticed before LIGO– It finally reached Earth, thousands of times smaller than the atomic nucleus.

Gravitational waves travel at the speed of light and fill the entire universe, as described in Einstein General relativity. It is always formed when the mass accelerates – for example, ballet-type ballet for a pair of black holes, orbiting each other, while performing a wonderful cosmic dance. Einstein was sure that scientists would never be able to measure these space ripples. However, the LIGO The project's use of two measurements of massive laser interference, to measure the change thousands of times smaller than the atomic nucleus, has succeeded in detecting these wavelength waves as they pass through the Earth. This technique is something new and different, opening up countless wonderful wonders that have been kept secret in invisible worlds. By capturing ripples, scientists can now interpret their mysterious message.

Explore the mysteries of the universe using space ripples

The signal of gravity emitted by the smashing of a neutron star is named GW170817 , And was first discovered on August 17, 2017 at 8:41 am EST. Detected by identical binary LIGO Detectors are located in Hanford, Washington, Livingstone, Louisiana. The signal provided by the third detector, Virgo , Located in Pisa, Italy, provided an improvement in the localization of the cosmic collision. in time, LIGO He was nearing the end of his second monitoring run since his promotion in a program called Lego developed , While Virgo It was started first shortly after completing its upgrade called Advanced Virgin.

The NSF- Funded LIGO Observatories were designed, constructed and operated by the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in Pasadena, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge. Virgo It is funded by Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (INFN) In Italy and National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) In France, run by European Gravity Observatory (EGO) .

Each observatory consists of two long L-shaped tunnels, where the laser beam is divided into two parts. The transmitted light is then reflected below the length of each tunnel in the direction the hanging mirror came from. In the absence of gravitational waves, the laser light in each tunnel should return to the location where the beams were split at exactly the same time. However, if the gravitational wave is wandering around the observatory, it will change the arrival time of each laser beam. This results in a very small, barely recognizable change in the output signal of the observatory.

On August 17, 2017, LIGO's Real-time data analysis software capture a strong signal from gravitational waves from space in one of the two LIGO reveal. At one time, and Gamma Ray Burst Monitor Aboard NASA Fermi Gamma-ray Telescope Space Detection of gamma-ray burst. LIGO-Virgin The analysis program put the signals together and thought it was unlikely to be a mere coincidence. Still another automated LIGO The analysis suggested that there is a synchronous gravitational wave signal in the other LIGO Detector. Discover the gravitational wave before LIGO-Virgin Team, along with Fermi's Detect gamma rays, triggered the launch of telescopes around the Earth.

The LIGO The data indicated that a pair of astrophysical objects, located relatively close to about 130 million light-years from Earth, were moving inward toward the other. The objects were not as huge as the black binary holes. Instead, he estimated that the dancing duo is between 1.1 and 1.6 times that of the solar mass – located in the cluster of neutron stars. The neutron star is about 12 miles in diameter and is so dense that a teaspoon full of neutron star elements has an impressive mass of about one billion tons.

“It immediately seemed to us that the source was likely to be neutron stars, the other source we aspire to see – and we promise the world we see. By providing detailed models of the inner workings of neutron stars and the emissions they produce, for more basic physics like General relativity -This event is very rich. Dr. David Schoomaker commented on October 16, 2017, that it is a gift that will continue to give NSF press release. Dr. Schoomaker is a spokesman Scientific Cooperation And a senior research scientist at MIT Cavley Institute of Astrophysics and Space Research.

Often in science, when a mystery seems to have been solved, new secrets appear in place. The explosion of short gamma rays detected by Fermi It was one of the closest to the Earth seen so far, but it was surprisingly weak because of the distance. Scientists have begun to propose new models for the reason. Perhaps there will be important new insights emerging for years to come.

Fermi Was able to locate to GW170817 Which were subsequently confirmed and greatly refined with coordinates derived from the combination Discover LIGO-Virgo. Thanks to these coordinates, observatories around the world were able, after hours, to begin exploring a part of the sky where the signal is believed to have originated. A new light point, resembling a new star, was first discovered by optical telescopes. Finally, about 70 observatories on Earth and in space explored the event at their individual wavelengths.

“This discovery opens a window for long-awaited astronomy and astronomy. As Dr. David H. Ritz of Caltech explained on October 16, 2017 NSF press release.

Dancers and their dances

A general picture is emerging. This image also confirms that the first signal of the gravitational wave actually originated from inspiring diodes of doomed neutron stars.

Imagine this : About 130 million years ago, the two neutron stars were captured, in the deadly last moments, shortly before their tragic merger. At this point, residents in the dense duo were separated only 200 miles. The dancers began to gather quickly, as they traveled more and more from each other, and while doing so, closed the small distance between them. During their meeting, in their final embrace, they extended and distorted the area around them of space-time – emitting energy in the form of gravitational waves, before colliding with each other, with fatal results.

As the neutron stars collided, the bulk of the duo merged into one single, high-intensity object – emitting a "fireball" of gamma rays. The first gamma-ray measurements, along with the discovery of the gravitational wave, provide confirmation of Einstein General theory of relativity , Which predicts that gravitational waves must ripple through space at the speed of light.

Theorists have predicted that the following initial fireball is kilonova – A cosmic explosion where the residual material from the fusion of a neutron star, which shines light, is detonated from the immediate distant region of interstellar space. Modern light-based observations reveal that heavy elements, such as bullets and gold, were born in these deadly fiery collisions, and are eventually distributed throughout the universe.

The first direct discovery of kilonova It was in 2013, in conjunction with the explosion of short-term gamma rays dubbed GRB 130603B , Where faint infrared emission from afar kilonova It was detected using HST.

In the coming weeks and months, telescopes around the world will continue to observe the glow of the tale of the neutron star's fusion – gathering additional evidence about the various stages of fusion and their interaction with their environment and the processes that create the heaviest atomic elements in the universe.

Dr. Fred Rapp of Caltech, and LIGO Co-director of monitoring operations, accessed 16 October 2017 NSF press release “When we first planned for LIGO in the late 1980s, we knew that we would eventually need an international network of gravitational wave observatories, including Europe, to help localize gravitational wave sources so that light-based telescopes could follow and study the glow of events. Such a neutron star fusion, today we can say that our gravitational wave network works brilliantly together with light-based observatories to usher in a new era in astronomy, will be improved with the planned addition of observatories in Japan and India. '

Dog Blog – Learn How to Train Your Dog & # 39; s Stuff

If you re a new pet owner and want to see your new dog out in the world, why not start with a dog blog? New parents are writing about their kids, new car owners are talking about their lives, so if you have a new dog in your family, why not open your own dog blog? Are there people who even care to read? Once you have a dog blog, what exactly can you write here?

The interest in a dog blog is there for both writers and readers. Many people love dogs, and like to hear stories about other dogs. You can share stories about a new trick you learned about your dog, or maybe ask another dog lover for advice. A Washington state senator recently introduced a bill that would allow males and their owners to be buried together in the cemetery of the same people. Perhaps a fun question to ask your readers, if you are the owner of a dog blog, is whether they would consider being buried in a pet cemetery instead.

You can share your thoughts, stories, and laugh with your readers on a dog blog, get their reactions, and truly expand into a community that lives outside of your neighborhood. Maybe you can write in your dog's voice, telling stories from their point of view. Or you can write down tips you have learned in caring for your dog, such as how to bring a dog outdoors. Share the advice behind the accommodation, find out where they can go, where the food is, and what parts of the house are off limits.

A can blog can be fun, informative, or something you want to be. Add a gallery to view photos. Open a forum to give your readers another way to share their stories. Create surveys to get an idea of ​​what others think of certain issues. Respond to news about the animals, such as when Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana years ago. Several blogs came up soon after, talking about the poor dogs that were left behind to fend for themselves, some wondering how it could happen. Dog blogs can be a powerful voice, giving animals and their owners a chance to be heard, share stories, and make a difference.

Cottages built pizza

Pizza Hut, the world's largest pizza chain, has 12,000 stores in 84 countries, and boasts one of the most successful franchise systems anywhere. But no one was familiar with the series to know that two college children baked the first thing that would later become America's favorite pizza, and used $ 600 of borrowed money to start selling it in Wichita, Kansas, in 1958. Dan and Frank Carney belonged to a family of 12 children She was always looking for an opportunity to make money to pay their way to school. So when the owner encouraged them to open a pizza shop – having heard about the popularity of pizza in New York – the brother jumped on the opportunity. They only tasted the pizza once, so they asked a neighbor, John Bender, to help them with the pizza recipe. Bender remembered the recipe for the sauce but not the dough, so he just rolled the bread and accidentally came to the first thin crust. After that, the brothers had to choose a name but did not want to spend more on the signs, so they used the previous store. After revoking the word "pizza" on them, they found that they had no more than three letters to fill, so they added the word "hut". Pizza Hut was born.

Its sales for the first year were dismal. No one has heard of Pizza Hut before, so in order to increase sales, the brothers invited the Wichita State University football team to dine at Pizza Hut, and then were awarded prizes. So customers started lining up every day for a pizza bite.

The franchise brothers began in 1959, granting their seventh store license to have Hassor, the third store manager. The brothers lent him money for a franchise, and soon they began to grant more privileges to people who already knew the system – a procedure that has been followed to this day. Many former company office employees who left or retired became franchisees. Among them was Mike Dart, who worked part-time at Pizza Hut as a student, and was offered a position in the company's office after graduating, and later became vice president of financial services. When he left Pizza Hut, Dart formed Daland with former employees of Pizza Hut. Daland now owns 154 Pizza Hut stores in Florida, Alabama, Georgia and Louisiana.

When Pizza Hut began granting the franchise, the Carney Brothers admitted that they simply granted licenses to people who had the desire and capital to start. They didn't have any system, and during the first five years of their franchise, there were no two Pizza Hut stores. They wrote deals on napkins and stamped them with a handshake. They paid only $ 100 in franchise fees and not more than $ 50 in royalties. The brothers began charging higher fees only after establishing a full support system and operating standards.

Soon, Pizza Hut has come to make a public presentation. One concessionaire suggested that Pizza Hut should expand its company-owned units, and in order to do so could restrict the offer of shares to existing concessionaires for their land and stores. This came, and the private placement in the history of the US Securities and Exchange Commission declined as the largest for a Class B organization. Pizza Hut made the special offer in 1968. The following year, the company made its initial public offering of $ 16 per share, and in three days the share price rose to $ 32.75. All franchise owners at Pizza Hut became millionaires overnight. (Interestingly, many franchisees who exchanged their outlets returned to buy franchises for stores in new territories.) To boost their business, Dan and Frank Carney sold Pizza Hut to Pepsi in 1977. Looking for a strategic partner that would allow them to operate a pizza Hut as they see fit, Pepsi filled the bill. Eight years later, the company decided to offer a delivery service to boost profits. I came up with the idea because half of all its sales were implemented, and although many franchisees initially refused – for fear of risk and change – they were agreed soon. Frank Carney said earlier that "franchisees make the company better because they have to pay their royalties, and if they will give you an opinion on where you are going." "As a result, there will be inherent agreements and a lot of differences over direction." Despite the differences, Pizza Hut's recognition of the role played by franchisees in the system has proven to be the most important factor in its growth. In fact, 40 per cent of Pizza Hut stores are owned by franchisees, and the average franchise outlet age in the system is 13 years.

Carney's brothers barely knew anything about pizza when they started out, but their courageous and quick ability to figure out where their strength lay, and the determination to use it to chart their growth strategy, allowed them to invade America – where the pizza segment represents $ 25 billion business – and the world. Imagine our loss if they don't want to get money to finish college!

Worlds Beyond Lair of the Venusian Worm (In Three Parts)

Chronology for Mars

((Mars to Venus) (Part I of III))

It was well known that Dr. Marge Johnson of the Louisiana Space Station, one of the leading scientists and young people, possesses among his theories of Mars, and life in Venus (and perhaps the two places they were resting, a place of once a great suffering, and now a lonely bone cemetery, essentially two world sarcophagi). By Ms. For Johnson, a secret well kept by all his envious men and women scientists; for her more than theories, it starts from being wizards that she could – as she felt – try, her hypotheses.

It was clear in 2034 AD, she would be the first woman on Mars, and then Venus, if the building went according to plan. He had checked as to Mars & # 39; internally, things like (quantum elucidation) (conceived in essence)) only from long-time wizards, who talked in rhymes and rhymes, which no one on the Space Station could interpret, or if they could, they were too far away. he will meditate. But his zeal for the unknown and curvy irony has replaced his entire outfit.

His last lecture was addressed to the nearby university where he would now depart on his first trip to Mars, and continue with Venus.

"Mars," he began, "is the second and smallest planet in our solar system, out of the sun. Red due to its iron oxide. It has a fine atmosphere, with a dye." 39; oxygen, enough for lichens ((small papules) (or fungus)), we know they just need a dribble.

"Mars has two moons that look more like asteroids, one being about eight miles wide and the other about fifteen. Mars's ground is habitable. I think it, like Mars itself, contains 3 % d water can and does maintain life.

"It will be considered an astrobiology mission for most, to Mars, as they are expected to leave in the coming days.

"Mars is about half the diameter of the earth, and it has minerals, water, oxygen, metals. It doesn't have a global electromagnetic field per se. And it's 4.5 billion years old, we're here. Mars, water and lava flow, so it's not a dead planet, as is our moon. Astronauts expect to land near Olympus Mons, which is 340 miles away, an ancient volcano, very ancient. flooding Mars, deep within thirty-six feet of water, -global. And as anyone can see everything from NASA's photographic shelf, it has a lot of erosion, and the Its large canyon is adim Valdisis is 430 kilometers long, its width 12 km, and its depth is 1.2 km. Perhaps the second largest canyon in the system. solar.

"In addition, Mars has 96% carbon dioxide in its atmosphere, as mentioned earlier, tiny traces of oxygen, a dusty atmosphere for the most part, a hateful sky to say the least. But we know how to build domes like structures, so we don't live in a sarcophagus.

"The Martian year is 687 days in orbit around the sun, with a temperature between minus -225 F, and its high 95 0F (above) orbit is like Earth's." ; s, counterclockwise, Venus & # 39; s the opposite.
"As I mentioned before, we have a form of life that can survive in the atmosphere of Mars, but I think there's more to that life on Mars. I think there are real spiders, when I mean really, I mean 305 million ancient spiders that survived to the ages and times; I think I saw their bodies buried in rock, the name was baptized Brazilian Idmonarachne, found here on the ground, perhaps gathered from the wind into our atmosphere, and taken by asteroids that have crashed on Mars, having eight spider ends, and an imposing jaw. Still today, I believe so. I believe for the most part living on earth.

"The Earth on Mars is between 93 and 76 million km, depending. I know everyone is looking suspicious for me, my youth assumes that, I'm only twenty-four years old, but I'll leave you in a bit. I even told my colleagues, who consider me a genus in this field, in the year 2073 AD, predicting from my observations, empirical data, Mars calculations Phobos moon will change and move in closer to Mars's surface, it's already close, but as it gets closer to clear parts of Mars's surface from tidal stresses, its debris will produce a dusty ring around the planet; also, the sun's 39; Increasing brightness will cause parts of the planet to move out, Mars will become well blocked with earth, and its sun expanding.In the process, Mercury, Venus, and Mars with Earth will be destroyed, unless there is no it is a miracle, for Mars it will be like a baleful barbican approaching, similar to Bab the.

"And for those non-believers in my spider story, I've already traced his cell history from Earth to Mars from what we now have on a tape-recorded DNA tracer, he can trace the family history of every cell in any organism, and from the rocks I gathered from Mars from previous Mars data, and the fossils here on earth, the spider ascended from an egg egg from Earth to Mars, and so came the trillions of complex cells in its body. "

Then, suddenly, someone called her "Asmodeus," the old legendary demon from the Old Testament book, who killed seven of Sarah & # 39; s husbands. An attack of problems, of course, on the structure of the nuclear family, which until now revolves around the world and human humanity. s; specializing in family disorders, and is often exorcised and purged from individuals by priests trained in exorcisms.

(She was simply creating fools outside her head who thought a lot about chrysalis-like listeners and …)

And so, his lesson was quite obscure to his audiences, with a mysterious final highlight, and the students were hardly able to provoke curiosity and various differences; raising so much concern his colleagues were about to get off the stage, someone feeling that he was full of evil and evil substance. Some of her listeners also accused her of being a war. The crowd was insect-free.

Throughout the day, and the following day, extravagant whispers were made to the Louisiana Space Station, Dr. McGee examined his thesis, seeing Mars & # 39; bigger moon, Phobos (Greek name, which means Fear) and Deimos the second moon (Greek name, which means: fear) were actually more than one form of asteroid, something he never considered, and he saw that the two lowered their orbits faster. that the naked eye had noticed, or for that matter, the telescopes had documented. And yes, it could be one or two moon-possible crashes on Mars & # 39; surface will have to continue – as they are – to escape its orbit at its current velocity closer to the sea planet, and so on, like a gargoyle dropped by a cathedral, a bombardment or a fragment after crashing into Mars, so Dr. McGee reflected, and concluded.

Lair of the Venusian worm

((Mars to Venus) (Part II of III))

Astronauts Captain Greg Younger Forty, commander of the Yig spacecraft, Billy Colman thirty-eight chemical engineers, and Evolutionary Engineer, Professor Marge Johnson, PhD., Twenty years old (with a background in protein and molecular biology working on a system of algorithm for interstellar life, on uninhabitable planets), all three, astronauts over a five-year program, had first come to light on the human planet from the Sun, Venus, was established for ; summer of 2040 AD They were all well known that Venus was the hottest of any planet – its surface – in the Solar System, at 896 F., hot enough for fusion of lead or zinc. They were also aware of its heavy and dense atmosphere which involved coarse carbon dioxide and nitrogen gases with sulfuric acid which is very toxic to man. To include the pressure of the planet being 92-times that of the earth, a weight exerted by a human. The Louisiana Space Station had planned to either land its astronauts on the north of the planet, Ishtar Earth a high point, or Aphrodite Earth, on the south side of the planet, another high point, achieving 80% of Venus was a plateau country. , and 20% of rocky plains, prefer to stay in the midst of rocky plains for their encounter, away from the more established lower layer of the warmer surface. The carbon dioxide in the atmosphere acted as a blanket that traps heat from the sun, and was very strong on Venus & # 39; surface; but the planet, as & # 39; and the earth & # 39; s surface was made of rock, a land plant in general and the mission was done. As a result, they were passing through their spaceship, on the surface of Venus in a special-made machinelike, a robotic metallic suit.

Unlike all other planets, such as the earth whose orbit is counterclockwise from the sun, Venus is just the opposite, and rotates on its axis much slower than that. ; and the earth. And it is a moonless planet. Unlike Pluto, which has five moons, or earth with its singular moon; as a result, Venus being the closest to the earth from all other planets, with no moon to shadow the planet, most scientists and astronauts feel that there was no life found on Venus, Professor Johnson felt otherwise, that there was a possibility of an evolution. way of life, or at least one possibility. And so his spaceship escaped to Venus & # 39; orbit, with its infrared and ultraviolet cameras and its radar, are located just above Aphrodite Earth, south of the planet, after apparently trapping less heat from the sun than its north side at that particular moment. , its surface temperature is 852 F, and Aphrodite Earth being below 500 F, and therefore this would be its chosen place to fall.

Professor Marge Johnson had specifically made these spaceships, with her own design, and they worked well. His idea was the universe hot and cold, the moon cold, Venus hot, like Mercury. Hot does not contain fluid called caloric, but rather a substance in which atoms move faster, in clusters. Cold atoms or molecules move more slowly. The heat goes away from the cold, even in the metal, for example a spoonful of cold in hot coffee. Or a hot body to cold, equates the nature of time now. When the heat exchange is-insignificant-the future is as it is. This can be reversed by the law of physics being violated. Once the heat changes the past. No friction equals a swing, the movement goes back, the friction produces a loss of energy, it slows down. Like playing a clock. The heat produces heat, as does the person who traces it. This phenomenon distinguishes the future from the past.

The faster heat (hot) atom hits with the cold atom, leaving some energy, this collision distributes its riding parts throughout the main element. In essence, a hot body can become hotter, through contact with a cold, it is not impossible. At the roots of heat, nature is different, independent of quantum mechanics. As it is a ball, the dress is inflated, sealed, and the molecules inside slow down the fast molecules that encounter it, so says statistical physics and thermodynamics. Thus, for Dr. Johnson, he produced a suit whose heat is deflated when he enters the suit, as well as the balloon, the suit having reduced the set of properties entering it, changed, into which he ; interaction is in the change, slows the heat down, the body is not warm, because there is not enough friction, in addition to being released.

And so his adventure began with a macabre picture and a thralldom of evil evils as he was about to.

Outside, from their stratosphere, they reach the pod of the infernal space, and not exactly where they wanted to land, a solar wind sweeping them from one side, at a blink of an eye, pushing them away from the original landing. site, in an open valley of types, surrounded by mountains, at 409 F., a sadness of a place: the leader of the sea ship orbiting over Venus & # 39; stratosphere, look with unbearable terror, trepidation, what's gone?

Professor Marge Johnson, and Captain Younger: It was perhaps a much better choice than the one they had chosen (as opposed to the ship's crew's dilemma on the matter), with the except they knew nothing about this area. , still, Captain, he hears that he was a stroke of luck. Billy Colman, a chemical engineer who saw ebon shadows all across his harbor – had a different situation, and a sixth sense, one might say, and a strong sense of superstition for his forgotten mind and expression. sardonic, as you are. landed in Venus & # 39; perdition, -betwixt of the position of the rifles, and thinking maybe, where are all the wolves: in fact, the anger was in the mouth, just not the wolves.

But here they were and here they had to take advantage of the best, they had a single and one decoction capability to the sea ship surrounding Venus & # 39; troposphere, and there is no second pod of space, if something goes wrong, no time to change the maneuver. And as they jumped from the spacecraft onto the hot rock, an astonishing phantasm swirled through the wines of astronaut Colman, sparkling the turquoise sky, all warmed as if by the witch's fire, his thick memory on the trunk.

Each of the three lips turned into this valley filled with exits all in usual watch, seeing challenging rocky walls, and several huge openings on the surface & # 39; s open land of coal, unaware of its functions, since there were no oceans or water ponds that they knew of. Between the surface grime, they found some plasma as a substance, mixed in it, a real discovery, if it really was what it was, like Dr. Johnson inferred to examine it more closely: the proof would bring it to reality, of course, when the time came. , and maybe she'd be the one to find out about a strange strangeness of alien terrestrial DNA if he was what she thought she was, and maybe the Millennium Technology Award was approaching.

In addition, they were searching for more of this plasma substance found on the stones and in the clay. And then Billy found snake coil designs, serpentine and around one of the deep cracks, similar to that of a worm or a snake. Climbing a few meters down the side of the cliffs, Captain Younger discovered ruined bones and fetuses, all chewing at his marrow, cracked and open, this was confirmed by Dr. Johnson, which all earth scientists have rejected. , and projected, that there was no life to be found on Venus! Nothing ever, something Edgar Rice Burroughs never took into consideration Venus & # 39; dynamic, because it was not known then, when he wrote his books, his Venus series, in fact was only discovered during the first two decades of the 21st century.

As he was about to say, Billy dropped a loose rope – what he thought to be a harmless opening, which looked more like a blanket, around his edges which was a bit of a clammy substance: one of and the various cyclopean entrances of the sage, this taking several hundred feet of cable, and entering into oblivion, what was there? (his thing: he should fall, he'll be absolutely insured); thus, Billy slowly pulled the rope as, and in a necromantic spell, out and out of his so-called egress, the opening and its flanks were large, one that could accommodate a free fall as well. its space pod. And as he tied the rope with rope, Dr. Johnson watched with his camera, because there was heavy on the end of the rope, as he came to the last feet, then with a sack of rope he threw several large worms. cum, and the creatures, with their heads rounded, and a small whip with their teeth, and as they banged their bodies back, they all fell, worms and Billy together, sunk in the dark mass, in the dark. 39; the night of the toast of the worm, with a loud cry, the house of the Venusian worms: and there came a misty odor which was also disgusting to Dr. Johnson because of his suite.

Dr. Johnson's approach to the whole film, and Billy Colman's – with a sunken face in his face that disappeared with Venusian worms, fluttering as they stood and fall anonymously into his fascinating tributary. It was, suppose an irrevocable fall of perdition for him.

Now the captain rushed to forget his strange and strange voice, Dr. Johnson added immediately (his frets and deltoids were cooling): as he looked toward the opening, he saw only his eyes, – l eyes as if they were phosphorescent in nature (actually productive at times) the worms were like magnets on their ground, they were edged to the side of the shore at speed, like spiders in their layers; Dr. Johnson came in, looking, looking at the greetings of heaven. The Captain had stopped, looked at the worms, and they were everywhere, in a rage: on a cross, diagonally, it was impossible not to tread them; and in their faces, round, with a sudden blow, and a wild cat, showing malevolence, they escaped to the feet of the learned and the captain. His mind was mixed in a strange confusion. To Dr. Johnson, it all seemed like there was a dark science to all this. Similar to Erebus, darkness to horror, in all this, as if this was Venus & # 39; hell

"We need to leave immediately behind the pod of space and get out of here before they come after us!" cried Dr. Johnson, horrified, in cyclops. And as they approached, there were a million or more worms laying on their pods. And the last message from the Captain & # 39; to the mother spacecraft it was very ominous and baleful: "There is a ray of Venusian worms like snakes, and in a whip struck by a devil, there is no fall …" which was not all that impossible, although the ship was not conducive to such a landing, and since the worms were closing in on them, they were doing a liturgy in it, both of them taking off their robotic uniform that had a cooling system. it was heat resistance, but not impregnable, as a result, to meet its fate (smoking in a dirge, the American anthem, as they were sacrificing to the evil planet), as well as ash to the earth, before the worms were gone and they could eat little. bit, meat and dried bones; save, now no one was left with the knowledge of their true form, namely the form of those charming titans, covered in rows, who sit on the pod like white on the rice; at the property, the sea vessel trying to make contact with the three astronauts effortlessly took the plunge and left its orbit to return to earth. Like the pale and immobile worms, elevated in stature, in satanic triumph.

Return trip of the Yig ((from Venus) (Part III of III)

The crews on the sea ship shouted and murmured, giving incoherent pleasure to the captain to land on Venus & # 39; surface to investigate the death of the three astronauts, including others, the most courageous, prayed before the wooden Christ on the great crucifix in the chapel on board, but the leader took nothing, took the tips from Professor Marge Johnson, to hightail it out of Venus & # 39; orbit. The loss was inexpressible, but the loss is still part of a journey. What exactly was done was unlocked for the crew, and the & # 39; Yig at a speed of light speed, with a record time following the course of return to earth, an ignominious flight from what was now considered an alien raging in Venus.

The crews with flames, eyes full, peering out the windows of the ship's harbor, to see the last viscera of Venus, shed no tears to escape that master of the planet. In the distance, a gravitational wave arrived, obstructed the spacecraft, in a tumble, but did not cause excessive damage to the ship, and the Captain reset the course, as it was hit by a large catapult of the astrophysical wind, and it survives its impact. , the crew escaped grief, but largely non-fatally. Then came the bombardment of fragments, likened to someone flipping rocks from an asteroid to the ship, as if a colossal equal were behind this anarchy. After some of the crew members said they saw this being, anthropomorphic character, called the Asmodeus, demon of destruction. And the walls of the chapel were stripped, and they had to be closed and closed by the rest of the building.

Those in the chapel were shredded with blood, it was as if this colossus demon was real, and he had followed Yig from Venus. Whatever the chaos, they were not disguised, the ship was attacked. It would be recorded for posterity: as stories of diabolism, explanation, fantasy or the devil were not accepted by the Captain.

From here, aboard the ship & # 39; s are continuing with their daily tasks, their needs, all in a frantic frenzy, waiting for Asmodeus to do his next diabolical evil.

The Chaplin puts the Rosaries wherever possible, on the door knobs, above all the beds of attic, and so on, to ward off this odious soul that followed them like white on the rice. They wondered if they had woken up from their lyre in Venus! So, it was rumor. The firing was seen by several members of the ship & # 39; it's the equipment; the being, it did not openly identify, and then disappeared, and so it would be tedious to make more sense out of these enormities. And after months of space travel, the atrocity disappears more, more than reality, and all the board were questioning if they had really seen what they said they saw, a disturbed but steady, and stable, and unrelenting alarm. pandemonium, and how the earth came. in their view, they will resurrect this story, so as not to lose a good paying job.

# 5242 / 5-23 through 25-2016
By Dennis L. Siluk, Dr. Hc Copyright © May, 2016

The 10 most sinister and awesome places in the world

Halloween is over, but the evil places in our world have not disappeared. They are happy with adrenaline lovers and frightening stories, who want to see something, from which ordinary tourists hurry away. So there are 10 of the most horrible places in the world, one of them more terrifying than the other.

1. Mutter Museum of Medical History in Philadelphia.

The Mutter Museum of Medical History in Philadelphia – is a museum of diseases, ancient medical equipment and biological exhibition materials. The museum is located in the oldest complex of the Faculty of Medicine of North America. The museum is famous for its giant collection of skulls. Here all kinds of unique elements are collected, for example the body of a woman who turned to soap in the soil where she was buried. Here are also Siamian twins with a liver attached to the skeleton of two children with two heads and other crawling antiquities.

2. Truk Lagoon in Micronesia. Much of the Japanese Navy is now lying at the bottom of the shallow Trak Lake in Micronesia, southwest of Hawaii. Deep Blue, discovered by Jacques Cousteau in 1971 and planted under the wreckage of warships and aircraft carriers, which sank in 1944, became open to divers. However, some of them are still afraid of the crews, who have not left their fighting positions. Ships and planes have long struck the coral reefs, but still new and inquisitive tourists are impersonating where they should not become their victims.

3. Sonora Magic Market in Mexico City, Mexico

The Mexican witches sitting in narrow stalls with the quick elimination of poverty and marital infidelity, the martyr exotic iguanas, frogs and wild birds are hung for sale in cages on the walls of the tents. The Sonora Market is open daily for pilgrims from Mexico City and tourists from far away who come here to predict wealth and promise a better life. This is where locals buy "supernatural" objects, ranging from doses made according to ancient Aztec recipes to Buddha statues. Enthusiasts with strong heads may buy some blood from snake birds or dried hummingbirds to tame luck. However, one should remember that magic in Mexico is no joke: the National Association of Magicians participated in the presidential election to turn it into honest and free, using magic spells.

4. Easter Island, Chile

One of the most mysterious places on earth is Easter Island, with huge stone figures cut off from the Giants, penetrated into the soil under the weight of thousands of years. The statues stared at the sky, as if they were guilty of some Sufi crimes. Only the stone giants know where the people who installed them disappeared. No one on Easter Island knows the secret of making, transporting and installing these giant statues at a height of 21 meters and weighing 90 tons. However, they were often transported more than 20 kilometers from the open molds where the ancient sculptors worked. Nowadays, life remains on the island where a great civilization once flourished, and no one knows where the mysterious factories came from and where they disappeared. Of course, except for those who read Thor Hurdhl in childhood. For them, all these puzzles – about making and installing statues are no longer a secret.

5. Manchak swamp in Louisiana

Boats are surrounded with tourists, floating in the swamps in the light of the detector of ancient cypress and long strands of moss hanging from the cypress branches. Howling from afar may be the sound of the ro-ga – the Cajun version of the werewolf.

Manchac Swaps is also called "ghost swap". Located near New Orleans and is the place, dreams of Goths. The swamps are said to have cursed the captured voodoo queen, at the beginning of the 20th century. As a result, three villages disappeared during the hurricane in 1915. The rest of these birds' cemetery is only disturbed by the dead bodies, which surface from time to time – this is the heritage of a hundred years old commercial activities. Besides, crocodiles, which are more than dead bodies, will not strain eating fresh tourist meats.

6. Paris Catacombs, France

Bones and skulls on both sides of the corridor are packed like cargo in the warehouse – a lot of cargo. The air here is dry and carries only a simple hint of decomposition. Here are also some of the letters, generally dating to the French Revolution, which flounder about the king and the nobles. After getting into the catacombs under Paris, it becomes clear why Victor Hugo and Anne Rice wrote their famous stories about these catacombs exactly. It extends approximately 187 kilometers under the entire city and only a fraction is open to the public. The rest are said to be patrolled by the legendary secret police, although they are most likely patrolling by hordes of corpses. Or vampires. Well, who cares! Mines were present here in the Roman era, and when the tombs of Paris in 1785 were overflowing, the tunnels entered their present state.

7. Winchester House, San Jose, California

Winchester House "Magical" – a giant building with many myths that suggest it. A fortune-teller told Sarah Winchester, the heiress of the weapons, that the ghosts of those killed by Winchester rifles would chase her, unless she left Connecticut, moving west and building such a home, which could not be finished throughout her life. Construction began in San Jose, in 1884 and did not stop for 38 years, until Sarah died. Nowadays, ghosts of madness live in 160 rooms in the house: there are stairs that go straight to the ceiling, doors open directly in the middle of the wall, spider shapes, chandeliers and hooks. Since the house is open to the public, there are constant complaints about clapping doors, footsteps at night, and moving lights; door handles that turn on their own. Even if tourists do not believe in ghosts, the place is shocked by its intensity.

8. Mary King Stalemate in Edinburgh

Many streets with a dark past hidden under the medieval Old Town of Edinburgh. The place, where the victims of the plague were closed in the seventeenth century and left to die, is famous for its poltergeists. There is something unknown that touches tourists' hands and legs. It is said, that this is the ghost of Annie, a little girl her parents left there in 1645. A hundred years later, as in the fearsome fairy tales, a large new building was built in King's place. In 2003, the "closure" was opened to tourists, attracted by stories about their supernatural spirits.

Visitors will be directed down the stone stairs to the dark and oppressive corridors.

With the exception of Annie's room, there is a display of medieval life and deaths from the reconstructed plague. The main thing is – do not stop when you feel the breath of icy death.

9. Mysterious Monastery of Thelema in Sicily

Alistair Crowley – Probably one of the most obnoxious astrologers in the world, this stone farm house was full of dark pagan murals and was once a satanic bride scientist. At least, it was considered such in the 1920-s.

Crowley is known for his fans, such as Marilyn Manson and the fact that he appeared on the cover of Beatles' album Sergeant. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club. Crowley founded the Monastery of Thelema, named after the utopia described in Rabelais's Gargantua, whose motto was "Do What You Want." It became a free love society. The new arrivals had to spend the night in "Room of Nightmares," staring at heroin and marijuana and staring at the wall paintings of the earth, the sky and hell. After the death of a famous English masseur in the monastery, the media stirred an unpleasant smell, causing Mussolini to close this elusive municipality. Kenneth Unger, director of the infamous Secret Theater, directed this story and filmed a film there, which later mysteriously disappeared. Now the monastery is half destroyed and herb. However, there are few frescoes that remained inside, which helped Crowley intimidate his followers.

Tourists, qualified to the esoteric, can wander and be entertained.

10. Chernobyl in Ukraine

Tourists who come to Ukraine, in the abandoned city of Pripyat, find themselves in the exclusion zone. Here, all things were left in a hurry in 1986, when the Chernobyl NPP accident caused thousands of people to leave their homes forever. The apartments are wide open, the ivy climbs the painted walls of kindergartens, games are scattered around, and newspapers are left open at the kitchen tables. Fluctuations still shaking from the dead wind, creak. Now, when the radiation level is safe for short visits, the Chernobyl area is opened to tourists. All trips to Chernobyl are almost the same, because movements around the exclusion zone are very limited. As a rule, tourists from Kiev start by bus, then head to Chernobyl NPP on foot, then tour and watch the "coffin". One can wander the streets of the ghost town of Pripyat and visit the polluted parking lots. Local settlers and residents of the "no-go zone" can also be interviewed.

Spacetime Ripples Herald A Black Hole & # 39; s Birth

Imagine reptiles that propagate through a small pond in the middle of summer, spreading through the sparkling water of the sun from where a little boy threw a pebble into the lake. Gravitational ripples that propagate through Spacetime's fabric are similar to ripples that stretch across hot water from the pond's sun, except that ripples that propagate through Spacetime – call gravitational waves –are generated when accelerated masses propagate as and waves outside their source at the speed of light. Now imagine that the pond water is the fabric of the Universe itself, through which the gravitational waves ripple. The most powerful gravitational waves of all propagate as the result of catastrophic events, such as the violent collision of a pair of dense star relics neutron stars. In May 2018, a team of astronomers announced that they had discovered the spectacular, brilliant fusion of a neutron stars had generated gravitational waves – and probably did something else, even because their merger probably sparked a black darkness that would be the lower mass black darkness never detected.

The new study analyzed data that is derived from NASA & # 39; s X-ray observatory , which was obtained in the days, weeks, and months following ripple detection gravitational waves from the Gravitational Wave Interferometer Laser Observer (LIGO), and gamma rays from NASA & # 39; s Close mission, August 17, 2017. The twin LINK the detectors are located in Hanford, Washington and Livingston, Louisiana. Both observatories are funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) , and were invented, built, and operated by scientists at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in Pasadena, California. U Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope was launched on June 11, 2008 on board a Delta II rifle. Close is a joint mission of NASA, US Department of Energy, which also includes agencies in France, Germany, Italy, Japan and Sweden.

Almost every telescope available to professional astronomers has been used to observe the mysterious source of tactile history. gravitational waves , officially called GW170817 . However, X-rays are obtained from Chandra It's proven crucial to get a new understanding of what happened after the two neutron stars he had managed to shoot each other in a horrific merger event.

Neutron stars are the persistent nuclei of massive stars that lost in a bright, brightly colored supernova show, after using their necessary supply of nuclear fusion fuel. In the end, housing a hard core of iron that cannot be used by fuel, the heavy stars will meet their explosive hit. Neutron stars they are spheres of cities, extremely dense. In fact, a teaspoon full of thus neutron star can weigh as much as a pride of lions.

From the data derived from LINK , astronomers have been able to determine a good estimate of the mass of neonates black darkness resulting from the neutron star merger. The scientific team has calculated that the black darkness & # 39; s the mass would be equivalent to about 2.7 times the mass of our Sun. This puts the source on a fuzzy "tight" of indeterminate identity. This is why this mass indicates that it can be or more massive neutron star never discovered or the lowest mass black darkness. The previous holders for the title of the youngest known black were not less than about four or five times the mass of the sun.

Albert Einstein predicted the existence of gravitational waves in him Theory of General Relativity (1915), and these ripples propagating through the fabric of Spacetime carry with them, for the ride, long-lost secrets about the birth of the Universe.

Einstein & # 39; s math shows that massive accelerated bodies, such as neutron stars and black holes – they orbit each other – they can tune Spacetime so dramatically that the resulting ripples of the distorted Space fly out of their source. This is comparable to the way in which ponds in a pond propagate far from their place of origin. Gravitational waves travel the speed of light, and the speed of light sets something beyond a universal speed limit. No known sign in the Universe can travel faster than light in a vacuum.

"While neutron stars and black holes They are mysterious, we have studied many of them throughout the Universe using telescopes as Chandra. This means we have two facts and theories about how we expect such objects to behave in X-rays, "explained Dr. David Pooley in a May 31, 2018 X-ray observatory print observation Dr. Pooley, who led the study, is from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas.

G supply waves were first proposed to exist by French mathematician and theoretical physicist Henri Poincare (1854-1912) in 1905. Ten years later the existence of these Spacetime ripples was predicted by Einstein on the basis of General Relativity. Gravitational waves bring with them energy in the form of gravitational radiation , a form of radiant energy similar to electromagnetic radiation. However, Sir Isaac Newton & # 39; s law of universal gravitation, part of classical mechanics, does not predict its existence. This is why this law is based on the assumption that physical interactions propagate instantly (at infinite speed), thus revealing one of the ways in which classical physics methods fail to explain phenomena associated with Relativity.

As it is a branch of observational astronomy, gravitational wave astronomy adopts gravitational waves to obtain observation information regarding detectable sources gravitational waves . These The repopulation of Space originate, for example, in binary stellar systems that are made up of white dwarfs, neutron stars, and black holes. Gravitational wave Astronomy also provides important information about supernova explosions, as well as the birth and evolution of the primordial universe immediately after the Big Bang.

February 11, 2016, The LINK and Virgo Scientific Collaboration made the important announcement that they had succeeded in making the first observation of the planned Spacetime uprisings. The present observation was made on September 14, 2015, using the Advanced LIGO detectors. Those first to be detected gravitational waves originated from a fusion duo black holes. Immediately after the initial announcement, the LINK the instruments leaked two more confirmed, and one potential, gravitational wave events. In August 2017, both LINK tools together with it Virgo instrument, spotted a quarter gravitational wave originated by fusion black holes, like a fifth gravitational wave resulted from the merger of a duo of neutron stars which had initially composed a binary system before its smash.

The 2017 Nobel prize in Physics was awarded to Dr. Rainer Weiss (MIT), Dr. Kip Thorne (Caltech), and Dr. Barry Barrish (Caltech) for their work in the first detection of these Spacetime ripples.

Currently, there are many others gravitational wave detectors that are under construction or in the planning stages.

Dancing duos

It's a journey gravitational wave Passing an observer far away, the observer will be amazed while Spacetime itself is distorted due to the strange effects of that propagating ripple. The distances between free objects first increase, and then decrease rhythmically, as strange Spacetime ripple makes his trip incredible. How to gravitational wave travels, making it a frequency that corresponds to that of the wave himself. The magnitude of this strange effect decreases inversely with the distance from the turbulent source of the propagation wave . The wandering Spacetime ripple formed according to a violent event – such as the merging of a duo neutron stars. As a result, both neutron stars dance ever closer – and closer– to others, participating in a strange, fascinating cosmic waltz. The strange wave is over when the two dancers jump into each other and, as a result, unite – making their final farewell performance to the Universe. To black hole of star mass can be born as a result of this exotic, heavenly waltz of a doomed duo neutron stars. Alas, because of the great distances that exist between Earth-related observers and dance gravitational wave sources, the effects when measured by astrophysicists on our planet are predicted to be small.

How gravitational waves they ripple through the Universe, alternately shudder and squeeze the fabric of the Spacetime continuum. This means that these ripple propagators distort the geometry of the tissue of Space itself. Even accelerating objects emit gravitational waves , these can only be measured by astrophysicists on Earth when the mass is very large.

Propagate gravitational waves providing astronomers with a new insight into the mysterious birth of the Universe itself, which allows them to learn more and more about the primordial cosmos. Shortly after the Big Bang's inflationary birth of the Universe, it was much smaller than what we see today – and it was still extremely hot and dense. Imagine something about the same size as a soccer ball. The whole primordial universe was thrown into this very small space – and the ancient football-sized cosmos was a turbulent and violent place. Modern scientific cosmologists assume that, in this ancient time, the Universe was dominated by a particle called an inflation and its associated field.

The first tentative suggestions of the possibility of discovering these Spacetime's repopulation came in 1974 – twenty years after Einstein's death & # 39; s. In that year, two astronomers, Dr. Russell Alan Hulse and Dr. Joseph Hootin Taylor, Jr., worked at the Observers of Arecibo Radio in Puerto Rico, discover a press binary – a pair of Chicago's extremely dense, oversized star relics orbiting around each other. U press binary was named after her two discoveries (The Hulse-Taylor track). However, it is also known as the book phone sound name PSR B1913 + 16.

Pulsars I'm a child neutron stars – is neutron stars are the relic nuclei of huge progenitor stars that vanish into pieces in supernova explosions. Fresh newborn pulsars it spins wildly, and sends out rays of light that are so regular that they are often compared to lighthouses on Earth.

PSR B1913 + 16 it was exactly the kind of star system that, according to him General Relativity, will have to send ripples traveling in the space between the stars. Feeling that kind of press binary the system could be used to test Einstein's prediction & # 39; s, astronomers are beginning to measure how the period of the stellar duo & # 39; s orbit altered with time. After nearly ten years of observations, researchers have determined that both pulsars was bumping closer to each other at precisely the rate Einstein predicted in General Relativity. This one press binary It has been studied for almost fifty years, and the changes observed in orbit agree so well General Relativity, that astronomers are sure to send propagation through Spacetime.

Since these first observations, many astrophysicists have studied the moment of press Radial emissions and similar results are derived, thus confirming the existence of these good morning rippling through the fabric of the Universe.

It wasn't until September 14, 2015, that LIGO Gravitational Wave Interferometer directly detects distortions in Spacetime caused by rippling gravitational waves. Up to this point, most evidence of their existence comes from mathematical calculations or other indirect investigations. The first retort made was the result of a fusion dance duo black holes located at a great distance of nearly 1.3 billion light-years from Earth.

Gravitational waves can reach our planet from their distant places of origin. The first direct observation of its true existence opens a new view that astronomers can use to discover some of the mysteries of the Universe. Gravitational waves bring with them important information about their turbulent birthplaces that could not be obtained. These The repopulation of Space reveals regions of the Universe that electromagnetic waves are not able to access. Astrophysicists can now look at the cosmos and its mysteries well-hidden with gravity as an instrument – as light.

The birth of A Black Hole

If the merger neutron stars composing it GW170817 source had created one more mass neutron star , then Chandra i approach your fast spin and churning an extremely powerful magnetic field. Thus it would have been followed by an expanding bubble composed of high energy particles that produced a brilliant X-ray emission shock. However, this is no what the Chandra data shows. Instead, the information is derived from Chandra shows levels of X-rays that are a factor of a few to several hundred times lower than expected for a wild, united filament neutron star duo is their associated bubble of high energy particles. This indicates the birth of a black darkness instead of more massive neutron star.

If this result is confirmed, it would reveal that the secret recipe to cook one black darkness sometimes it can be quite complicated. In the case of GW170817 , she would need two supernova farms that had left two neutron stars in orbit close enough to gravitational wave radiation to join a neutron star duo together.

"We may have answered one of the most basic questions about this amazing event: what did it do? Astronomers have often suspected that neutron star mergers form a black darkness and produces radiation beams, but there was no strong case for now, "explained study co-author Dr Pawan Kumar on May 31, 2018 Press Release Chandra. Dr. Kumar is from the University of Texas at Austin.

To Chandra observation two to three days after the merger did not detect a source. However, the following observations 9, 15, and 16 days after the event revealed important findings. The source traveled back to our Sun shortly thereafter, but the additional brightness was observed by Chandra about 110 days after the event. This brightness was followed by an X-ray intensity comparable to 160 days.

Comparing the data derived from Chandra observations to those taken by the NSF & # 39; s Jansky Very Large Array (VLA) , Dr. Pooley and his colleagues explain the observed X-ray emission as being caused entirely by shock waves resulting from the melting of gas in the environment. There is no X-ray result from a newborn neutron star.

The statements of Dr. Kevin Pooley and the team can be tested through upcoming X-ray and radio observations. If the hunter whose merger he abandoned would turn out to be a neutron star with a powerful magnetic field, then the source should continue to get much brighter at the wavelengths of X-rays and radios in about two years or less – when the high-energy particle bubble reaches Shock wave slowing down. . Yes he is really a child black darkness Astronomers expect to continue growing more wildlife and wildlife. These have been observed recently as the shock wave weakens.

"" GW170817 is the astronomical event that continues to give. We learn so much about the astrophysics of denser objects known from this event, "stated Dr. J. Craig Wheeler on May 31, 2018 Press Release Chandra. Dr. Wheeler, co-author of the study, is also from the University of Texas at Austin.

If the following observations follow a heavy one neutron star as he is the survivor of the merger, such a discovery would defy theories for the structure of neutron stars and how massive they can get.

"At the beginning of my career, astronomers could only observe neutron stars and black holes in our own Galaxy, and now we are observing these exotic stars throughout the Cosmos. What an exciting time to be alive, to see such tools LINK and Chandra demonstrating so many exciting things that nature has to offer, "said study co-author Dr. Bruce Grossan in Press Release Chandra. Dr. Grossan is from the University of California at Berkeley.

A paper describing this research is published in Letters from the Astrophysical Journal.