My Experience With Reading Travel Reviews to Book My Hotel

In anticipation of an upcoming trip to Auckland, New Zealand (New Zealand) I was searching for accommodations. With so many options to choose from – bed and breakfasts, motels, hostels, hotel apartments and hotels (to name a few) – I finally decided to choose to stay at the Oakland Hotel. Now my problem has moved to: What type of accommodation do I want to stay in? To: What provider do I choose?

It is fair to say that if I booked my trip through a travel agent, they might be able to suggest the right provider for me, but on this day and in the era of online travel reservations, I didn't need to talk to a travel agent. So in line with my airline reservations online, I decided to reserve my place of residence online too. First though I decided to find out what others have to say about Auckland hotels, to see if anyone has some good suggestions for me.

I've heard all this talk about user reviews that are becoming more and more popular in the current internet environment, and I can now find out why. It's a lot like talking to your family or friends and asking if they can recommend somewhere to stay, but in this event, you can reach a wide range of opinions. Another feature is that the comments posted on the site are not filtered by the service providers so that you can not only read good reviews, but rather a more transparent and fair evaluation of the hotel.

There are many online travel review sites available, but I have to say it is important to find a site that is not just a public site that allows people to register and post comments unanimously, as it is open to unverified reports, but rather very positive and sometimes fraudulent comments from the providers themselves . So my first step was to find a reliable Oakland hotel / website to review.

This came in the form of an online reservation site. Comments on these types of sites can only be published by people who have already booked and stayed at this particular hotel in Auckland. This results in my ability to read honest reviews from actual guests. Not only that, but it was easier to read reviews on the same site that you could end up booking, rather than having to read one site and then find another site for the actual Auckland hotel you chose.

Most of the reviews I encountered have a rating system of 1 to 5 stars:

1 = poor

2 = Below average

3 = value for money

4 = Great value for money

5 = Excellent experience

This classification method means that I can easily get a general idea of ​​the value without having to read each review over the past twelve months. From there, further investigation is required at the hotel, which included reading all of the reviews that caught my attention. At this point, it was very important for me to remember that a bad comment or review does not necessarily reflect bad service from the hotel side. People have bad days, and unfortunately hotels do. But if taps, poor showers, noisy rooms, or bad service are mentioned in a number of reviews, I consider them safe to assume that the majority of guests are right.

In the end, the only trend that has emerged in most of the bad reviews is that sometimes people have been expecting more from the hotel than it does. Complaints such as "The restaurant was closed at 11 pm" or "There is no room service" or "I had to carry my own belongings", all appear upon investigation that these services were not provided by the Oakland Hotel in the first place. There is still a perception that the hotel has 24-hour front desk, bar, swimming pools, gym and spa. As demands today removed unnecessary offers and services in order to provide a better price for the consumer.

So after reading so many reviews and feeling more enlightened than I was when I started, I was able to locate the Oakland Hotel that caters to my needs, not only in terms of service, but in terms of location, price and amenities. In the end, reviews were a component of my decision and you need to look at it along with my own personal criteria, in order to make my final decision.