Indian Cricket And Its Effect On International Tourism

Cricket in India is religion. The enthusiastic and emotional frenzy with which the game plays, tracks and analyzes the game is unparalleled anywhere in the world. Cricket is for India as it is football to Brazil. Sports has always been a harbinger of friendship and peace. The Indian Cricket Calendar is never empty and there is either one chain or another around the corner. As cricket teams move from one part of the country to another, enthusiastic game followers and fanatical team supporters also move. Thousands of international tourists flock every year from different parts of the world to support the team as they lead India. It has become almost regular to operate all hotels in the host city for two to a few days before and after the rubber.

Hotel bookings in India peak during the peak cricket season or at the time of a foreign team tour. Although tourists come with the primary goal of seeing quality cricket and enjoying carnival like the atmosphere, there are enough attractions in India that they can visit. Important cricket venues like Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, Kolkata, Chennai, Goa, Nagpur, Indoorore and Bangalore are not only famous for their impressive cricket infrastructure but also as one of the top tourist destinations. Since the itinerary was prepared early enough, the tourists planning to visit India with the cricket team have enough time to make the necessary hotel reservations in those specific matches. Last minute booking in these cities on match days can be very annoying.

Hotels in India are now preparing for this new business possibility. Online hotel reservations in India have enabled hotels in India to make the most of cricket tourism. People who wish to travel to India can now book hotels in advance through a travel site that focuses specifically on India. The procedure for hotel reservations through ( has a number of advantages. It is among the few travel sites that facilitate real-time hotel reservations. Tourists can thus better plan their tour. can book over 390 Indian hotels across more than 150 Indian cities. A huge inventory ensures that there is always room available for the tourists anytime, anywhere in India. Tourists also enjoy the luxury of choosing from different categories of hotels. As a full travel site, allows tourists to book cars, airline tickets and train tickets. This facility removes any communication hassles that a tourist might suffer while in India.

The English cricket team will be in India during February. There will be a long and exciting cricket game during March and April. The first test will start on February 23 and the last day will run on April 15.

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