Top 5 AdWords Features to Use During Holiday Booking Season

For a few consecutive years, AdWords from Google has served many ads and versions. As we know, these changes largely emphasize first enhanced campaigns on mobile, change SERPs, local search ads, site-related searches on Google Maps, expanded text ads, and much, and did not differ in 2016.

However, the holiday season this year has almost reached its peak. It is time to take advantage of this period, in conjunction with Google AdWords, so you can raise your business level at the hotel. Independent and intermediate hospitality players in particular should take advantage of this opportunity and at the direction of their advertisers. After all, it's the best way to take advantage of some AdWords features to make sure your sales and marketing campaigns are as successful as possible.

Here are five features of AdWords that can be taken advantage of by hoteliers during this holiday season:

Call campaigns only

Google released the Call-only campaign in February last year. From the hospitality point of view, this was an attempt to take advantage of the growing number of potential customers looking for a hotel phone number to call them immediately. This campaign may not be suitable for all hotels, but it is a great option for those who want to maximize return during the 2016-17 Christmas and New Year season.

These ads can only call to distinguish the description of the hotel and amenities. In it, you can replace your ad title with the front office phone number with the "Call" button. This will make it easier for potential guests to contact, simply by clicking on the ad. Such ads show that mobile devices can be used to call, so you can come up with a new bid strategy!

Audience / re-targeting potential

Vacations are rarely completed in just one visit to the site. Guests and prospects love to return to the target hotel's website (or destination site) to check frequently for bundled offers, packages, and profitable rates. Sometimes they log out and take time to think.

The next time, when a visitor goes online and embarks on a search engine, the advertiser can easily retrieve them back to completion. The Audience tab in AdWords helps you do this. Here, you can choose to re-target the people who visit the website and increase your bid by a certain percentage that suits the campaign.

Structured scraps

Organized snippets are useful extensions to your AdWords campaigns. This feature helps advertisers provide more information about hotel rooms, services, and facilities. With structured clips, the plumber can list some brands and potential customers can read the list to find out which hotel brand they want to reserve in the holiday season.

This is another powerful way to provide useful information for engaging leads.

Offline conversion tracking

This practice is useful for advertisers who want to start the sale once the guest has finished their journey through the hotel website.

Another good example is the OTA website or online travel agent. Guests can choose to fill out an inquiry form for the holiday season and their chosen destinations. This is a required action on site and the actual reservation process can move offline, if a CRM system like Sales Force is linked in the background.

Steps to track Google offline conversion here. The CRM system can record all inquiries created with a PPC campaign, after passing a unique identifier on paid URLs. Upon completion of processing and updating, these records are extracted from the CRM system and uploaded to the AdWords account, which is also used to reconcile performance data with all associated campaigns and ad groups.

This indicates actual sale performance based on actual revenue.

Ad scheduling hotel

As a hotel, you must learn the behavior of your guests. In order to do the same thing, you must understand the peak times when searching your prospects for your hotel. This will allow you to manage the budget effectively.

Frankly, travelers search during holidays during lunch breaks, in the evening or during weekends. Understand target market habits and fit your budgets accordingly. Only then can you achieve maximum market penetration during this holiday season.

Aside from the above, Google AdWords also offers a complete call tracking solution. You can take advantage of this feature with others to track all calls that are created and attributed to your hotel's vacation advertising campaigns accordingly. By doing this exercise, you can easily reach people ready to book a hotel like this holiday season.

Be the place of your guests. happy vacation!