What is a Great Scrapbooking Retreat?

We all plan to move away and enjoy our favorite pastimes without the care of everyday life. Many scrapbookers enjoy this new idea of ​​getting out and scrapbooking all the time. So what to look for when choosing a good rhythm:

1.) Situation – this is the most important thing. If you want to close this way you don't have to pay for travel expenses or if you really want to move away from your home country – be sure to check the local area first.

2.) Lodging and Food – is it provided? You either want to go out to eat by yourself or you want food to be brought to you. To make the most of your scrapbooking time, try to choose a delay that does all the cooking, cleaning, etc., so you can scrap everything you want. As for the accommodation, check to see if he will get your bed or room or if he will bring your sleeping bag !!

3.) Number of people – make sure you know how many people will be and you agree. Some places allow space for hundreds of scrappers and others are more intimate – maybe only 10 or 15. Make sure you are comfortable with the number of people.

4.) Extras – You want to make sure that the scrapbooking retreat also has the extras you might need as well as using die-cut, stamps, computers, printers, idea books, and supplies that you can buy on-site. (so don't waste your time searching for a scrapbooking store). However, check to see if they can provide your snacks / drinks / sweets.

The best way is to search the internet for a place in your area or a place you want to visit and join with other scrappers. If you are a little afraid of doing everything by yourself, find a friend and join a group. Below I have included some good websites and companies that take photos of scrapbooking:

All US: http://www.ckscrapbookevents.com

Arizona: (http://www.thepamperedscrapper.com)

California: http://www.scrapbookcamp.com, http://www.croppinaway.com, http://www.scrapgrlz.com

Canada: http://www.scrappingaway.com

Carolinas: http://www.scrappingretreats.com

Eastern states: http://www.dreameventsinc.com

Florida: http://www.cropfest.com

Georgia: http://www.campcropalot.com

Gulf Coast: (http://www.gulfcoastscrappers.com)

Illinois: http://www.allamericanscrapbookco.com, http://www.heartandsoulmemories.com

Indiana: http://www.crop-a-doodle-do.com

Maryland, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia: (http://www.ranieday.com), http://www.scrappinawayvacations.com

Michigan: http://www.scrapandspa.com, (http://www.crazedcroppers.com), croppingdaze.com

Midwest: http://www.scrapbookingevent.com

New Hampshire, Maine, and Surroundings: http://www.justbuzzinaround.com

New York: http://www.bcdservices.com/stores/cropalot/

Northeast: http://www.simplycropping.com

Northwest: http://www.croptime.com

Ohio: (http://www.queenofthecropgetaways.com), (http://www.scrapntogether.com)

Oklahoma, Louisiana, Texas: (http://www.cropallday.com), http://www.scrapbookdivas.net

Pennsylvania: (http://www.classycropper.com)

Tennessee: (http://www.croppersgetaway.com)

Texas: http://www.scrapaways.com, (http://www.agardenretreat.com)

Utah: http://www.scrapaway.com, (http://www.artcityscrapaway.com), http://www.justbuzzinaround.com/retreatinfo.htm

Vermont: http://www.cranberryfarminn.com/scrapbook.htm

Virginia: http://www.scrappinsociety.com, (http://www.letsscrap4fun.com), http://www.escapeandscrap.com

Washington: http://www.neighborjanepayne.com, (http://www.scrappingsisters.net)

West Virginia: http://www.getcraftystudios.com

Wisconsin: http://www.atimetocreate.com, http://www.thescrapbookmanor.com

I hope you enjoy your time. Happy scrappin!