Lenten lessons – Fat Tuesday

Mardi Gras, a time for dinner and dance in the fun capital of the world, New Orleans, Louisiana. It's also called Fat Tuesday because of the habit of eating and drinking, the night before Mercury Dinner and the ritual fasting began.

It is celebrated in different ways around the world. As it's a common thread, going through these various celebrations is the idea of ​​having as much fun as possible, before the start of the Lenten season. Let the good times roll, with bright clothes and standing on the street. Tomorrow we will start seriously.

Personally, I think these times of steam blowing, so to speak, can be healthy. I don't want to be a joy to kill or humiliate anyone's parade & # 39; s. No one enjoys for a long time more than I. As a believer, however, I can't help seeing the shadow of the cross falling even on Fat Tuesday. I can't help hearing the Word of Forgiveness, the first word our Savior spoke from the cross:

"Father forgives them for not knowing what to do." What they did was secondary to what they did to themselves, in forcing their heart on divine forgiveness,
My ambition is to be fat with forgiveness and back with the revenge attitude that they only think about going. I want to celebrate the pure joy of reaching those who have hurt me, with an attitude of forgiveness. Or what a liberation; What loads are high when we can do that!

But what about my simple desserts? What could be more unjust than this: The best man who ever lived, who came into this world only to heal and help was felled to a tree? As the divine Son of God, he could have prayed for thousands of angels to come and harm revenge on those who had committed such an act. Instead, he prayed for his forgiveness.

It requires us to take up our cross and follow it: Practice the politics of forgiveness. It is not easy, it requires divine activation. The more we love, the deeper we can be hurt. The deeper they hold us, the harder it is to forgive. The hardest thing is to forgive more love and solicitude. But more love brings more hurt, which requires deeper love.

What can we get rid of in this upward spiral? Just infinite love as shown in the cross. Ash Wednesday is set to walk toward Good Friday, where the rainbow of hope shines through the Seven Last Words of the Cross. Let's start by attaching the first word, the Word of Forgiveness.